Surroundings and Leisure Time

Within the ancient walls of Kapfenburg Castle, there are many leisure activities for you to enjoy but with so many attractive cities nearby such as Aalen or Ellwangen, Kapfenburg Castle is also a perfect starting point to plan some day trips. By visiting the cities around Kapfenburg Castle, you can enjoy a variety of leisure activities for both young and old; simply because there is something for everyone!

Leisure Activities on and off Kapfenburg Castle

- Concerts
- Guided castle tours
- Fitness room & personal training
- Hiking and bike trails

Additional Leisure Activities of the Region

  • City parkJagst (~ 2 km)
  • ​Open Air bath Westhausen (~ 5km)
  • ​Baldern castle with Wallerstein Gardens (~ 10 km)
  • Local recreation area “Bucher Stausee” (reservoir) (~ 11 km)
  • ​Limes gate Dalkingen (ca. 11 km) 
  • Old iron ore mine “Tiefer Stollen“ (deep adit) Aalen (ca. 15 km)
  • Limes Museum Aalen (ca. 18 km)
  • Limes thermal spa in Aalen (~ 18 km)
  • Water park Ellwangen (~ 15 km)
  • Mountain church of Ellwangen Castle (~ 17 km)
  • The Alamanni Museum in Ellwangen (~ 17 km)
  • Ellwangen Castle Museum (~ 17 km)
  • ​Adventure trail Neuler (~ 18 km)
  • ​Historical city center Noerdlingen (~ 20 km)
  • Neresheim abbey (~ 22 km)
  • ​Heritage Railway Haertsfeld (~ 22 km)
Furthermore, there are numerous tourist attractions nearby which are worth a visit such as the amusement park and zoo, “Schwaben Park,” the historical city center of Dinkelsbuehl or the baroque city of Ansbach.