A Creative Regional Cuisine

By creatively combining traditional and modern cuisines, Restaurant Fermata at Kapfenburg Castle offers a very special food selection to its guests. Each of our German and Mediterranean specialties is prepared with attention to detail and a splash of creativity. Cream of pumpkin soup with Styran cream, filet of prok filled with dates and plum slice with sorbet are only a few creations by our chef de cuisine. However, there are also Swabian classics on our menu such as sirloin steak with glazed onions and Swabian ravioli.

Vegetarian options complete our menu.

Selected Ingredients, Conscious Enjoyment

Since Restaurant Fermata is a member of “Slow Food Germany,” the staff pays special attention to the ingredients when preparing a meal. Ingredients have to be fresh, seasonal and of high quality. Even products that are not grown locally can easily be traced back to their food producers. Our wine list also includes predominantly German wines but even an expert will be surprised of the work of our domestic wine makers.