Vendors of choice, friends for life

Asparagus & pumpkin farm Straß Alerheim
Seasonal highlights  
Birgir Thorisson – Samlet from Iceland
Fish as fresh as the waters of Iceland
Butchery Uhl in Lauchheim
Quality since 1838
Butchery Wieland in Gaildorf
Selected meat products
Correctional facility Kapfenburg
Our favorite neighbors, our favorite Schnapps
Cara royas from Grevesmühlen
Delicious and sustainable prawns
Dangelhof in Altheim
Geese out at feed
Farm café Mangold in Herdtlinsweiler
Farmhouse bread fresh from the wood stove
Heimatsmühle in Aalen
Flour produced by family Ladenburger
Sheep farm Smietana in Steinheim
Ostalb lamb. Treat from home
From the forests of Baden-Wuerttemberg

Our winegrowers

Vineyard Ellwanger, Winterbach
Our traditional supplier
Vineyard Vorgrimmler, Munzingen
Demeter certified wines from Baden
HADES wine group Wuerttemberg
Small barrels, great wines
Vineyard Fritz Allendorf, Oestrich-Winkel
Fine wines from the Rheingau
Vineyard Schnaitmann, Fellbach
500 years of family tradition