Enjoy a great ambience with excellent food and talk over a glass of wine - Restaurant Fermata is the ideal location for a nice evening out with your family or friends. For business dinners it is the right choice as well. The cozy sitting area sets in our bay windows offer not only a stunning view of the scenery but also an intimate atmosphere for gathering or relaxing. Take a long walk within the castle's walls or visit one of the concerts at Kapfenburg Castle in order to complete your perfect evening.

Excerpt from our menu

Bacon-wrapped dates
with a variety of salads, homemade Balsamic vinaigrette and glacéd nuts

Cream of pumpkin soup

with Styrian cream       

Pumpkin ragout
with thin noodles, pine nuts, dates and small side salad

Roast veal “Kapfenburg”

with green dumpling and fresh vegetables      

Swabian sirloin steak
with melted onions
fried potatoes and bacon wrapped beans

Fried filet of perch
with Riesling sauce, herb potatoes and fresh vegetables

Bread pudding
with ice cream and fruits


Ginger bread tiramisu
with fruit sauce and chocolate décor