Twenty-three guestrooms at Kapfenburg Castle are designed with graphic scores.

For this purpose, the multimedia artist Anna Tretter used selected works of composers of the 20th and 21st century in order to represent their music using symbols and illustrations.

Additionally, we put together some information about the composers’ life and work for our guests which can be borrowed at the reception desk.

Anna Tretter

The artist lives and works in Stuttgart and Amorbach. Since 2004, she works at the Technical University of Košice as Visual Arts guest lecturer. One year later she became the director of the New Media Studio and since then, she also works as a guest docent.
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Graphic scores – Overview

Reception desk: André Werner/Anna Tretter: Kammermusik (“Chamber music”)

BF 1.03: György Ligeti: Atmosphères

BF 1.04: Ulrich Süße: O6oe

BF 1.05: Krzysztof Penderecki: Anaklasis

BF 1.06: Anna Tretter: Line

BF 1.07: John Cage: Cartridge Music

BF 1.09: Mauricio Kagel: Sonant

BF 1.10: Arnold Schönberg: Suite op. 29

BF 1.11: Roland Kayn: Galaxis – multiple Klangstruktur für variables Instrumental-Ensemble

BF 1.12: Karlheinz Stockhausen: Zyklus (“Cycle”)

BF 1.13: George Crumb: Makrokosmos, Volume II

BF 2.03: Hans Ulrich Engelmann: Modelle II

BF 2.04: Tilman Küntzel: Harbour Symphony

BF 2.05: Patrick Bebelaar and Ulrich Süße: Einst ließ ein Traum von wunderbarem Leben (“Once I saw a dream of wonderful life”)

BF 2.06: Morton Feldmann: Projection I

BF 2.07: György Ligeti: Artikulation (“Articulation”)

BF 2.09: Anestis Logothetis: Dynapolis

BF 2.10: Phill Niblock: Score for „five more string quartets“

BF 2.11: Uwe Renz: Feuerorgel (“Organ on fire”)

BF 2.12: Tilman Küntzel: Studie für Geräuscherzeuger (“A study for a noise generator”)

BF 2.13: Tilman Küntzel: Studie in drei Teilen, I + II (“A study in three parts, I + II”)

BF 3.03: Milan Adamčiak: Untitled

BF 3.06: Milan Adamčiak: Untitled

BF 3.07: Milan Adamčiak: Untitled

BF 3.09: Milan Adamčiak: Untitled

BF 3.10: Milan Adamčiak: Untitled

BF 3.11: Juraj Vajo: Mantra

TH 1.11: Patrick Bebelaar: Pantheon

TH 1.12: Tilmann Küntzel: Studie in drei Teilen, III (“A study in three parts, III”)
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