Education and Health

Since 2003, the Kapfenburg Castle Foundation is dedicated to actively support musicians from an early age onwards to stay fit and healthy by making music.

The approach is salutogenetic, meaning the already existing resources ought to be sustained by focusing on the health enhancing potential of music and making music. Elementary Music Pedagogy also plays an important role as support should start as early in life as possible.

To achieve these objectives, the foundation runs a broad range of projects which are addressed to all people who make music, are undergoing an instrumental training or teach music, while they also get in touch with musicians in a medical and psychological way or work at music schools.

With its beautiful ambience, great food and comfortable accommodations, Kapfenburg Castle offers the perfect setting for musician’s personal and professional development.

Partners are "Die Techniker (TK)", the "Deutsche Rentnversicherung Baden-Wuerttemberg", the "Landesverband der Musikschulen Baden-Wuerttemberg" and the "Verband deutscher Musikschulen" as well as "Jast Ergo" and the "Blasmusikverband Baden-Württemberg e.V.".
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Louisa Eckl
Project Management (Education & Health)

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