International Academy of music school - cultural center Schloss Kapfenburg...

Kapfenburg Castle is the place where music happens! And it has been like this since 1999, when the International Music School Academy and Cultural Center Kapfenburg Castle moved into the former fortress of the Teutonic Order. Since then, musicians from all over the world come together for rehearsals in the classy rooms of the castle that is also open to all visitors as a training, conference or cultural center. With the Center for Music, Health and Prevention, Kapfenburg Castle is the only foundation in Germany that is committed to the health of musicians, while it is also known as a famous venue far beyond the borders of East Wuerttemberg for its classical concert series "Accelerando" and its summer festival. Organizing the regional contest "Jugend musiziert" ("Youth Makes Music"), the foundation promotes not only the contest winners to public and private events but also professional musicians through its in-house music agency. Finally at Restaurant Fermata, all guests can order a brilliant wine or simply indulge in a creative, regional cuisine. 
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