Music & Health

Making music means much more than being able to play an instrument. It simultaneously develops and makes demands on the physiological, emotional and cognitive capabilities of the musician as the human has to coordinate different processes while making music - breathing and movement, concentration and emotion. A musician therefore only is able to play or sing expressively if he's completely comfortable. Hence it is important to pay attention to all elements that may influence health and well-being while singing or playing an instrument.  

Simple elements like warming up before making music or a back-friendly and relaxed position help to prevent overexertions and postural deformities.
Therefore children should be taught a basic knowledge about stress handling, physiology and movement from the beginning of their musical education on. 

For grown-up musicians it's never too late to engage in the issue and take preventive measures as well. Making music in a healthy way means being able to make music until an old age.
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Project Management (Education & Health)

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